Property developments are capital intensive investments that require a bit of time to yield meaningful returns. A developer may run out of cash before completing their property to start generating any returns. You may also run short of resources to get your property to a state where you can get the desired returns. In other instances, properties are run down before generating meaningful returns and investors get demotivated to invest in more resources to attract the best tenants.





JODANS Concepts is a multidisciplinary Ugandan company with particular focus on investment support and general business services. We help our clients get more value from their investments.We aim to support property developers get their properties in the best state possible to attract the best customers. In addition, we assist in marketing the properties and managing the tenants, while our Clients sit back and enjoy their financial returns stress-free.

Why Choose Us?

We Invest with You, so you are never alone bearing the full risk of investment. We bear part of the costs of improving your property, and through a mutual investment agreement, we recover our costs over time from the tenants.

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